Demystifying Drupal


This site will be exploring a variety of topics that will be suited to all manner of aspiring Drupal folks, with an emphasis on how easy Drupal really is to use. While we might by poking in and a round the code occasionally, this site is not a resource for writing modules or digging deep into the API.

Expect to see discussions on modules, themes, front end, process, books, and workflows. All discussions will be centered around Drupal 7 (until Drupal 8 shows up). Time to let Drupal 6 fade away.

This site is built on Drupal 7, and uses the Omega base theme. It is inspired by the Skeleton theme. The tools used to create it are pretty simple: Sublime Text 2 for coding, Compass.app for SASS and Compass goodness, Git for revision control, and Photoshop for the handful of image work required. The development enviroment is managed by the Drupal based Aegir hosting system, on a Debian OS setup with the Barracuda Drupal project.

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