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Collaborating on KCDUG.org

March 26, 2015 - 4:57pm

The Kansas City Drupal Users Group has decided to build a new site to document our activities as a group. We have been using Meetup.com to organize, which is good for exposure. However it isn't that great for communication in the group. Being a co-organizer for the group, I registered a domain and pointed it to a "coming soon" page on one of my Linodes. I then spoke to Pantheon about hosting. They graciously offered to host the site as a Community Project. Pantheon even allowed us to experiment with their Multidev environment. More on Multidev later.

I have been working independently for the last 9 yrs and haven't had to work in a team since the days of Dreamweaver MX! After searching for guidance on how we might attack the project, and getting little feedback, we decided to just dive in! There were a couple bumps early and a quick reboot, but I think we are now on track. So I felt it was important to document our process, and hopefully even get some feedback on how we might improve our approach!

Relaunch on Pantheon

February 7, 2014 - 1:15pm

The site was relaunched running on Pantheon today! A big thank you to Pantheon for hosting the site as part of their "Give Back" program that provides free hosting to Drupal sites that support the community. This is the second site I have launched on Pantheon. The first was a new site built from day one with Pantheon in mind, the experience was great. This site was imported from a previous build, running multi-site under Aegir. There were a couple bumps, but it still was a great experience.

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